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Welcome to Bluetooth PC Headsets

This site was designed to help people use Bluetooth Headsets with their computers. As far as wireless headset solutions go, Bluetooth Headsets are probably the most cost effective way of cutting the cord on your PC headset and enjoying wireless VoIP conversations.

There are literally hundreds of Bluetooth Headsets on the market today and almost all of them will work with your computer. All you need is a Bluetooth Adapter and a Bluetooth Headset and you're 'good-to-go'.

For general information on what's involved in using a Bluetooth Headset with your computer, follow the 'Overview' link. If you're wondering about what kind of performance you can expect in the real world, follow the 'Real World Use' link.

For more detailed information regarding installation / pairing of your Bluetooth Headset and Bluetooth Adapter, follow one of these links:

Although the majority of Bluetooth Headsets have been designed primarily with cellular telephone users in mind, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Recently, the latest Bluetooth specification (2.0) was ratified and this spec is capable of data transmission in the order of 3 Mb (Megabytes) per second. Invariably, we'll see Bluetooth Headsets designed specifically for PCs in the coming months as well as devices capable of higher audio quality and range.

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